CyberIQ specializes in providing cybersecurity services for small businesses. Every small business deserves the same level of security as the largest corporations. In many ways, though, they are more at risk because they don't have the resources to adequately defend themselves. CyberIQ's mission is to develop cybersecurity standards, policy and procedure custom tailored to the specific needs of small businesses.

Thomas is a CompTIA Certified Cybersecurity Anayst and has thirty years of experience in the IT industry as a software developer, business analyst, network administrator, and network technician.

Thomas has developed systems for Kaiser-Permanente, MCI Worldcom, The Carter Presidential Center, and the City of Atlanta.

Harley has a CompTIA Security+ Certification and has been a Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Administrator since 2016.

Before entering the IT field, Harley was a pipefitter in the Plumber and Pipefitter's Union for twenty years.